Two Important Things for Buyers Looking Into a Special Type of Bike to Consider

Just about any bike is capable of handling a certain range of terrain, but some are more versatile than others. A high-end road bike meant for racing will typically start to feel out of place should things get even a little bit rough.

On the other end of the scale, a fat bike with extra-wide tires will be able to go just about anywhere, even if it does not always do so as quickly as another bicycle might. Bikes like these are so appealing and fun to ride that they have become some of the fastest-selling on the market. A buyer looking for fat bike for sale only needs to understand a few basic things in order to ensure a rewarding purchase.

Simple Ways of Finding the Right Bike for Truly Tough Conditions

Many of the considerations that arise when looking into fat bikes will be familiar to experienced cyclists. Whereas a couple of others might require a bit more familiarity with this newer style of bicycle, this should not be an issue. Two of the most important factors include:


Tire width. Each and very fat bike stands out from all others by being designed to be equipped with especially wide tires. Although opinions vary a bit, most regard the lower limit of the class as standing somewhere around four inches. Less than that, and a bicycle will typically fall into the more familiar mountain bike category or another traditional group. Just as with other types of bicycles, tires that are much wider will tend to work better in tougher conditions but come with the drawback of requiring more energy to keep in motion.

Suspension. A choice that will be familiar to veteran mountain bikers involves the suspension setup of such a purchase. Buying a bike with both fork-based shocks and a rear suspension element will enable smoother travel over some truly rough terrain. Dropping the rear shock in favor of a fixed frame will do away with some weight and allow more energy to go directly into pedaling. Skipping the front shock can drop costs and mass further while still being suitable for a bike that will be ridden mostly on smooth snow or sand.

The Ideal Bike for Less Than Perfect Conditions

What makes every bike of this design so appealing, though, is simply the eagerness it displays about being ridden. Whereas an expensive racing road bike will seem to want to wait for perfectly sunny days to be taken out for a spin, a bike with extra-fat tires will be ready to serve with distinction at all times.